practically creative

Somewhere I read that one should do one creative thing a day.

Okay, probably first here. And also here, but that was today.

But what happens after 13 days? That was all that was followed in the study. And why should that be that the goal is happiness? Haven’t we debunked the pursuit of happiness enough yet?

So, if I were to write my own study, I would look for a deeper connection of creativity with a sense of purpose in life. Simply put: making your imprint on life.

I also realize that what I get to call creative is what others before me called living. Figuring out what to cook with the ingredients at hand or in season.

Growing green onions from the cut-off ends. Reusing containers.

Sewing. Singing.


Learning to do what everyone else has done for a long time (okay, writing is more recent than other activities, but oh still) with one’s own energies? Now that’s creative.

Or, if one is stuck, really stuck, then at least be a curious reporter of the world.


(I’ll leave it to you to figure out what these are, or at least, what you think they are, which could be more true than what I was told!)

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