sometimes, backwards

I wrote about the need to recalibrate a while back here. We got a real-life example of that the other day in Jerusalem while trying to park. We were meeting a friend for lunch before heading back home. She suggested going to Café Greg in the Mamilla Mall, which was just fine with us. Since it is never clear how much traffic there would be, even in the relatively short trip from our daughter’s house in Efrat, we left a bit of time for the just-in-case. And, if we didn’t need that, we  could use the time to walk around, since that’s always a nice idea on a nice day.

Of course, or why would I be writing this intro, we needed the extra time.

We went up to the largest parking lot at the mall, which has little lights next to the spaces indicating whether they are open or taken. So we drove around and around and around to the various levels, looking for those little green lights. At one point, probably on the third floor, we saw lots of green coming at us from the opposite side of the floor, so we continued on to get to the other side.

Like the proverbial chicken.

Except that you couldn’t get there from here.

[Which way to Millinocket]


The way to the other side was blocked off. At the end of that way was a carwash. That would have been great, since our car had not lost its three-month collection of dirt from the downpour of the day before, but the guy said it would be an hour wait. With nowhere to park. And a dead end.

So…the only way to move was backwards.

But by this time, there were at least a dozen cars behind us. It was time to take things into our own hands. I got out of the car and waved at them to back up, go up the ramp and not make the same mistake we made. Those cars that were past the ramp had to back up. Some people, like the woman behind us, probably not confident in her ability to back up that far, turned her little car around and went backwards forwards.

And no one blinked. That was what you do, if you have to. We, meaning ISHI, backed up forwards. I directed traffic.

As if…


We ended up leaving that parking lot (first hour is free! That should have been our warning sign), going to the one next door, and then being directed to the first one, the oldest one with no green lights and plenty of places to park.

And we even had time to shop for gifts for our new granddaughter before going to lunch.

So what did I learn from this, since everything must be a learning opp?

What would you think?


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