what i hear

I had wanted to put something in the last post about a man who caught my ear while I was hanging up laundry last week; I noticed him visually off the balcony, but paid no attention to him for that. What was curious was the clip-clop of his shoes on the cobblestones here in front of our house.

I looked more carefully; he was wearing white high heels. Clip-clop indeed.

Oh so sorry I didn’t have my camera with me!

A little while ago, I heard a similar clip-clop, but it was from a woman who passes by here multiple times a day. She also has, unfortunately, a particularly recognizable voice, as she often is speaking to her young son as they travel back and forth and back and forth. In fact, I recognized her voice today at the supermarket, and sure enough, there she was.

Being right on the path to a main plaza here in Tzfat gives us the opportunity, also, to hear the same people everyday. They are coming back and forth from work; from taking the kids to school; to the employment office nearby (which is really the unemployment office, where people go to get allotments if not work); and of course, the paths for the bar/bat mitzvah parades. We hear/see the same musicians hanging out waiting for their people/clients to gather, but sometimes there are different players, in all senses of the word.

As a matter of fact, there were two musicians who were performing a few moments ago this evening for a group outside in the amphitheater three steps away from us. I don’t know if it’s a private group or not, but they were there last week, too. I recognize their voices; their pauses for storytime.

And their musical style.

This is the season for paying attention to sounds, after all. We will be hearing the shofar as a set thing on Rosh Hashanah, other than the use of it as an instrument around here any day, any time.


Do you see the young man in the middle of the photo? What he has over his left shoulder is a long shofar. He was running off to join the group to accompany the latest bar mitzvah parade.

You have to be very quick around here, even if it seems that things move slowly or with simple patterns.

Things change before you know it.

I have heard that today is the first day of Autumn; that does not show here so much in the change of weather as much as the preparation for the holiday season. In the stores are featured all the holiday foods, including deals for wine (thank you very much) and sweets along with fresh fruits. We also hear lots of banging and drilling; people getting their sukkot built, or perhaps using the time to do some renovations.

Renovations; renewing. That is a pattern that we will keep, if we’re very very lucky.

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