Moving to a new country, having to downsize house-size, budget, ego, is the first step.

Finding out that someone who has been on my get-well list died seven months ago makes one realize that this is necessary.

Calibrate, from caliber.

noun: calibre; noun: caliber; noun: cal; plural noun: cals; noun: cal.; plural noun: calibres; plural noun:calibers
  1. 1.
    the quality of someone’s character or the level of someone’s ability.
    “they could ill afford to lose a man of his caliber”
    • the standard reached by something.
      “educational facilities of a very high caliber”
  2. 2.
    the internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel.
    “a .22 caliber repeater rifle”
    • the diameter of a bullet, shell, or rocket.
      synonyms: bore, diameter, gauge

      “the caliber of a gun”
    • the diameter of a circular body, such as a tube, blood vessel, or fiber.
mid 16th century (in the sense ‘social standing or importance’): from French calibre, from Italian calibro, perhaps from Arabic ḳālib ‘mold,’ based on Greek kalapous ‘shoemaker’s last.’
 A shoemaker’s last. Touching virtual toes.
Also from Wikipedia; an imageImage result
Re-calibrating; does that mean finding new lasts?
Re-calculating, unlike that oldschool voice of the gps systems that sounded nothing like (but everything like) my mother, with her  not-so-hidden disappointment in her voice. But that’s my voice that is disappointed; how do I change? How do I change?
Carol Dweck talks about it with her book Mindset, and a little taste here.

Step 4. Take the growth mindset action.

Over time, which voice you heed becomes pretty much your choice. Whether you

  • take on the challenge wholeheartedly,
  • learn from your setbacks and try again
  • hear the criticism and act on it is now in your hands.

Right now, I hear a lecture of some sort outside my window. It is perhaps a lecture in honor of Elul, the new month that precedes Rosh HaShanah. We are preparing for group recalibration for the new year, but really, really, we all have our own shoes to prepare.

And our own toes to touch.

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