Everything about Israel is concentrated.

There is no Sunday; it’s יוֹם רִאשׁוֹן, the first day of the week, a regular workday, with no time off.

The Jewish holidays are concentrated into one day versus two in the Diaspora. Probably most people would say that in the Diaspora, things are spread into two. You choose.

Houses are smaller; everything gets jammed into smaller spaces. We are concentrating on getting our stuff into said smaller space. A woman we re-met this Shabbat said she was sorry she could not invite us over that day, since her floor was unmade due to so many people and diapers all over the place. (Maybe she used a different word rather than “unmade”, but maybe not. She was speaking Hebrew and I was concentrating perhaps not enough.)

The country is small and extraordinarily diverse. You can travel through a variety of topographies and climates within an hour. Last week, since we were going from the Haifa coast back to Tzfat at rush hour, Waze took us through a route that was breathtaking. It was as literal as that. We had to remember to breathe, even I, not driving.

A Google Map search might show what we went through.Please click on the link and take the 360° tour, if you dare.

Electricity runs harder and faster at 220v; water boils quicker, so you better be ready to make that tea or coffee. And as it is with water; so it is with blood. As someone said to me, “Israelis are passionate people.”

Israel is like concentrated juice. An acquired taste, but so worth it.

I have to concentrate to listen to speakers in Hebrew, or, for that matter, even any other language, because there’s usually noise all around and especially in my head.


with central

air conditioning is nice.

Even the heat is concentrated.




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