keep dancing

We continue to attack our boxes slowly slowly. You wouldn’t know we’re making progress, if you came into our house. I’m in a bit of a panic because I’m nervous that someone we know might want to come into the house to join us in the Klezmer Festival (do you watch or listen to a musical performance?) and wander into a forbidden room in search of a bathroom and never come out…

No, the house isn’t that big, by any means. We are trying to keep one room as the Dark Room, and that’s not for developing photos. The only windows are to other rooms, not to outside, the overhead light isn’t working and the lights that do work are ‘way on the other side of the room, blocked by massive amounts of boxes.

Except that I went into that room yesterday to look for certain items (where are my pillowcases? Where is ISHI’s pillow?) and started tackling it. So it’s not finished, by any means, nor are any of the other rooms done.

The kitchen is not bad; only two, no, three boxes, okay four boxes remain. One of them is a very large wardrobe box that needs to be moved into the Dark Room. So, yes, we need to make space in there for that. One step forward, one step back. A puzzle, like those sliding puzzles we used before the onslaught of personal computers/smartphones.

But really, it’s a new dance to accompany the music. Yes, let’s say that.

Yes, a bit blurry. I was dancing, too, you see.

How fantastic is this? The music was jumping; the young people all around us were jumping (literally); and he was up out of his seat doing his thing. He’ll live longer than the rest of us because he clearly knows how to make the most of his days. We were enjoying Aharon Raizel and Daniel Zamir playing and singing and yes, playing, but working very hard to bring happiness and joy to so many. Yes, I see that the faces around this happy gentleman are not so reflective of that. But look at the variety of people! And they were the lucky ones to get seats.

Yes, the older people looked for seats; the young people were happy to stand and yes, dance.

Stand and dance. Stand and dance. Stand and dance.

Jules Feiffer‘s dancers, anyone?


(quoting myself quoting the song “Come From the Heart” by Susanna Clark and Richard Leigh

You’ve got to sing like you don’t need the money
Love like you’ll never get hurt
You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watchin’
It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work.

 Or from Anne Lamott on Facebook:

You know the famous Footprints image, where, in heaven, a person sees their footprints in the sand? My pastor mentions the times where there are two sets of prints, where we’re walking with a power of Something–love energy, let’s say– and the times where there is just one set, where that love energy, carries us when things are too hard. But Veronica also mentions a third pattern, of crazy squiggly bouncy lines. The person, looking them over with God asks, “Oh, and what were those times? And God says, “Those were when we danced.”

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