Should I list all the things we have shed? Maybe it will make me feel a sense of accomplishment, rather than focusing on the things we have purchased. This is the journey we are on, figuring out what is of value and what should go to bring someone else a sense of value, if not joy. Yesterday, we put out boxes of stuff on our curb, posting it on various listserves and Facebook groups. Here’s what I listed:

Odds and ends of cleaning supplies, health and beauty items, CD racks, birding items, Colman stove and lamp, and on and on.

Treasures, you would have thought I listed! Like vultures, almost immediately, people swooped in with their cars,  finding their finds, and then off on their way, hopefully not to regret their stop as foolish folly. One woman wrote me back, saying she was hoping to find a bird bath, but took the other bird feeders instead.

For free, people. You get what you pay for.

So what I got was amusement at watching the vultures hunters and gatherers. And no regret, so that was good.

We are at the end of the list of “things that we need”. I think the only thing on it is SodaStream bottles, bringing coal to Newcastle. (Huh, interesting that the company started in England and not in Israel! So Newcastle, it is!) And of course, we will get used to buying things in Israel in due time, no doubt.

All we need now is a place to put all of our stuff. Yup, still without a place to land. Someone suggested taking a few of the boxes that we have, duct-taping them together, and squatting somewhere once we get to the Promised Land. We have enough boxes to have a double-wide, at least! But after the hah-hah, where do we go? It starts me spinning in circles–should we postpone the date of our lift to accommodate our lack of place? Or should we put it in storage on the Israeli side of the pond, losing the benefits the shippers give of setting up our furniture, or at least the big pieces? Or should we settle for a place because we are desperate?

YES! I’m sooo ready to settle! Once again, declaring my solidarity with settlers! The problems of the entitled!

So the title of this post is expressing my anxiety. In Search of. As Soon as Possible. Thanks in Advance.

I thought about this title on and off all night. This morning we received a few possibilities. Real possibilities. I am beginning to feel the anxiety stop building.

Not go away, but not get worse. Right now, that’s all the progress I can be grateful for.

במהרה בימינו

speedily, in our days.




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