It is appropriate to start a new blog with our move to Israel. I thought to call it “Touching My Toes” because it will be about how to be flexible when making Aliyah.
The name arose from a conversation with someone over the last weekend about what is important for making aliyah. Her actual question to me was what is the most important thing when considering aliyah. My answer, flexibility, was delivered as I was walking back to shul to get the grandkids to make sure they wouldn’t panic when they found out their father had been taken to the hospital for an unknown reason. And to find our lunch guests. And so flexible shouldn’t wait for Israel.
But “Touching My Toes” wasn’t available without a very long extra wordpress something or other, so hey! I’m flexible. So touchingtoes it is.
I’ve always been proud that I can touch my toes. In reality, I can touch the palm of my hand to the floor. Pretty good for an old lady, I think. And, of course, it’s a perfect symbol of the journey from here to there; keeping one’s feet on the ground, checking that the ground is grounded, keeping an eye on the center of gravity so it’s not taken for granted as it shifts or that it will shift…
I added to this friend that she should remember that bureaucracy happens here, too, but it’s “easier” to take when it’s in English; so for some psychological reality, it doesn’t appear as frustrating in comparison to what so many Olim Hadashim, people who have made the move to Israel, experience.
Attitude does make a difference.
I’m very aware that it isn’t everything. Good health helps. Thank G-d, my SIL was suffering from a manageable problem that has managed to become history that hopefully will not repeat. The day was not ruined; the kids were fine, the food was plentiful and good, enough that my father, who was also with us, admitted that he did not miss Chametz (bread stuff not eaten during Passover) at all. Good deal, as he would say.
And I say that, too.
Since we are not in charge, we can try as hard as we can to pretend to have some control. And we can sway in the breeze and move out of harm’s way.
As much as we possibly can. So if a black rap group can make an album Man Plans G-d Laughs,  purposely calling it by the Yiddish phrase דער מענטש טראַכט און גאָט לאַכט,
I can be flexible, too.
And I can offer an alternative phrasing:
Man plans and G-d gasps.

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